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25 January

This week, Alistair Scott, Sales and Marketing Director of Sodexo Prestige, talks about delivering a more direct, personal and unique offering to customers Read >

18 January

Lesley Maltman, Head of The Eventor, this week asks : \'Do Star Ratings Really Mean Anything?\' Read >

06 January

This week, Moya Maxwell, Acting Chairman of Unique Venues of london(UVL), brings us up to date with the exciting UVL plans for the coming year. Read >

01 December

By David Vaughton, Venues Director, EEF Venues. When you attend an event, what’s the lasting memory that sticks in your mind? Is it the speaker you saw? The food? The event décor? The venue’s toilets, even? What about the bubbly receptionist who welcomed you warmly, or the conference and events manager who discretely went out of his way to accommodate a group of additional, last-minute guests? Read >

23 November

Emma runs Event Management 360, Event Management Agency and is the organiser of the Conference and Hospitality Show. The Show is now in its 3rd year and has seen huge changes since its small, but carefully managed beginnings in 2010. Read >

15 November

As René Dee reflects on the last twelve months at The Westminster Collection he concludes:  ‘In a difficult economic climate, continuing to uphold the key values that have made us a stand-out organisation is now more essential than ever for our continued success.’ Read >

07 November

James Vincent, Managing Director of Royal Armouries International, shares his memories of the famous former DJ and showbiz personality, the much mourned Sir Jimmy Savile, who was a staunch supporter of the premier Leeds venue named after him, Saviles Hall.  Read >

01 November

The nature of demand for training is in a state of very significant change, and that process clearly has significant implications for many venue providers. In this week’s Talking Point, Mark Jones, Managing Director of Wyboston Lakes, argues that - for venues which can offer the required size and scale of facilities - there are major opportunities. Read >

11 October

\'It’s time to champion sub-brands in the context of London venues as they demonstrate real initiative and passion for growth against all the odds,\' says René Dee Read >

06 October

Nicky Lockwood, Manager of Conference Leeds, has now worked for a number of years with the Meetings Industry Association (MIA) and its AIM accreditation scheme, and wholeheartedly supports this unique quality assessment programme that specifically targets the UK venue industry.  Read >

03 October

It’s that time of year where the savvy among us start scouring the web and our favourite trade magazines for snippets of information that hint towards the sector trends sure to drive event booking behaviour in the new year. It’s a healthy habit, especially as trend-setting is cyclical: hardware and software manufacturers roll out radical, must-have technologies; they quickly become seamless necessities for everyday life; consumer need drives purchasing; and venue operators, themselves consumers, begin to engineer ways to integrate into venues a suite of tools that harnesses the functionality of these new technologies. Read >

12 September

René Dee is CEO of The Westminster Collection, talks about how vision and passion can inspire both our business and the nation as a whole. The Westminster Collection is one example of how a business can be led by motives that stretch far beyond mere moneymaking to benefit surrounding communities.  Read >

07 September

The leading association for specialist venues, Conference Centres of Excellence, continues to grow its presence and influence across the UK with new venues recently announced in Glasgow, Sheffield, Bristol and London. We ask \'Why are sales and marketing associations still relevant in these days of TripAdvisor and other rating schemes such as the MIA’s AIM and the AA\' Read >

03 August

By Nigel Collett, operations director, One Wimpole Street.‘Convenience’ is the event goer’s ultimate buzzword. A glittering line-up of A-list business luminaries may have won you a full house this time round, but the speaker programme is only worth the paper it’s printed on if the location and the facilities at the host venue are geared up to support delegates’ objectives. Read >

13 July

Westminster Council’s groundbreaking Manifesto for Business, launched earlier this month at 10-11 Carlton House Terrace, refers to the value of the Council’s relationship with The Westminster Collection of leading London venues. René Dee is CEO of the Collection, and talks about how that relationship has been created, and its importance to the venues community. Read >

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